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Nortec Inpatient Solutions features a simple intuitive user interface that’s easy for clinicians to use ensuring user adoption—and that translates into increased patient and clinician satisfaction. It’s available anytime, anywhere on any device connected to the Internet. As part of the Nortec EHR, data feeds into a central location and integrates with other care areas—Long-Term Care, Home Health and Clinic—providing users with a complete view of patient information, past and present, from all care areas. Designed by physicians this solution will help you achieve your most important organizational goals:

Consistent Delivery of High-Quality Patient Care supported by tools that help clinicians manage patient medications, avoid drug interactions and view patient progress over time

Improved Patient Experience and Outcomes—speedy access to comprehensive patient information and clinical decision support tools allows clinicians to provide efficient, informed, results-driven care

Satisfied Clinicians who find the system’s simple design, easy to learn, easy to use and improves productivity

Nortec”s Integrated Hospital Inpatient Solutions Include:

Computer Physician Order Entry (CPOE):

Fully integrated into Nortec Inpatient Clinicals, CPOE enables caregivers to automate order entry effortlessly from wherever the physician is. Physicians are able to quickly and easily select appropriate medications, labs, radiology, nursing orders, therapies and diets from pre-defined order sets or formularies and subsequently review an order history. CPOE empowers doctors with evidence-based medicine toolsets to find trends across medications and diagnoses and to view other medications linked with treating an illness.

Clinical Documentation

Vital signs, intake-output values, progress notes, and nursing tasks are entered in a single, convenient location—the patient’s EHR. Once in the EHR, the patient information management system makes this data immediately and securely available to the patient’s caregivers throughout your organization.

Centralized Data Repository:

Allows for the reposing of all clinical data in one centralized database, subsequently providing easy access – in electronic or printed form— to the entire clinical history of any patient seen over their lifetime as recorded for that facility/facilities. This provides the interoperability as envisioned by ARRA.

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