Nortec Inpatient Solutions

Nortec Inpatient Solutions deliver secure, highly adaptable, and easy-to-use applications to today's cost-conscious and patient-centered hospitals and health systems.

Selecting the right electronic health record (EHR)for your hospital is an important decision, one that ultimately impacts the care you provide to your patients as well as your bottom line. The right EHR must be easy for clinicians to learn and use, provide valuable tools and data to help them deliver safe and informed care, and align with your hospital’s workflow.

Nortec Inpatient Solutions provides a comprehensive set of clinical, administrative, departmental, and add-on modules providing a unified record for each patient, with advanced functionality to serve the needs of diverse care settings.

Select from Client Server or Hosted Solution

Nortec is one of the few companies which offer you the selection of client server and web hosted solution. It gives you freedom of choice unparallel in the industry.

A Completely Integrated but Modular System

Irrespective of the bed size, and financial ability, every hospital, deserves a robust information system that shares information with clinics and practices, is highly scalable, secure, and can fit your hospital's unique needs. Nortec Inpatient Solutions offers Cost-effective, scalable, and intuitive Hospital EHR solutions.

Choose Your Starting Point:

You can implement the entire system at once or choose to select essential modules to begin and meet meaningful use requirements and add other inpatient clinical and operations workflow solutions that comprise Nortec Hospital Solutions later to increase the efficiency and financial bottom line.

Why Nortec Healthcare? – Nortec Hospital Solutions is the ideal partner for critical access, rural community, and specialty hospitals transitioning to meet federal Meaningful Use (MU) requirements. Reduce errors and improve care quality through better information, workflow efficiency, and communication.

Proactive 24/7 Support – Nortec Hospital Solutions combined with its innovative products with live, 24/7 support, with our proactive system monitoring, offers you support second to none. We are there when you need us but we are still looking out for you to minimize downtime and maximize performance when you don’t need us.
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  • Electronic Health Record and Its Role in Alleviating Poverty
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