Nortec Inpatient Financials

Manage Your Finances and Hospital Administration With Complete Confidence

Nortec Inpatient Financials provides a feature-rich, fully integrated solution which offers reporting and decision support for clinics and hospitals.

Offers You Financial Proficiency and Boosting Better Work Queue

  • Manage the captures of charge for the patient services
  • Keep up the records of accounts receivable
  • Control third-party and patient billing
  • Facilitate the activities of collection and credit

Nortec Hospital Scheduling

Integrated ADT, MPI and Solutions of Requirements Designed to Your Individual Requirements

By Nortec Inpatient Financials feature of registration and key demographic for every patient, supports smoother admission procedure. Cross-referenced information tables ease the utilization management and pre-authorization procedure, saving you money and time.

  • XIV Infopoverty World Conference

    Electronic Health Record and Its Role in
    Alleviating Poverty


    Abid Sheikh
    CIO, Nortec

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  • Electronic Health Record and Its Role in Alleviating Poverty
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