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Prescription mistakes that result from unreadable hand-writing, improper medication and overlooked drug-allergy or drug-drug reactions become reason for numerous deaths and wastage of billion dollars every year.

Nortec e-Prescribe 2.0, is certified by Surescripts to be a solution provider, and medication management offers a simple, useful, and valuable solution to practices of all sizes. As an incorporated module of Nortec EHR, it excludes the requirement for paper-based prescription forms. With Nortec’s e-Prescription solution, your prescriptions can be finalized with just a few clicks of your mouse. Prescribe new medicines or approve refills from the industry’s most comprehensive database from First Data Bank and connected to the nation’s major pharmacy network, provided by Surescripts.

We intent to go beyond the ordinary prescription tasks by providing Drug Formulary & Clinical Decision Support and these features are interoperable with our EMR and practice management solutions to allow you to prescribe the medication preferred by the patient’s health plan. Moreover it alerts you to any risky drug-allergy, drug-on-food or drug-on-drug reactions as your finest safeguard. Using Nortec’s e-Prescription will reduce pharmacy follow-up calls for legibility issues, refill requests and medication related contraindications, and this will free up your practice's time to focus on better patient care.


  • User-friendly prescription process
  • Prescribe new medications
  • Authorize & automate prescription refill requests
  • Drug Formulary
  • Clinical decision support
  • Up-to-date database of available medications
  • Database of prescribed historical medications
  • Fully integrated with Nortec’s EMR & practice management
  • Connected to largest pharmaceutical network in the US
  • Eliminate contraindications with drugs and allergies
  • Improve patient safety
  • Reduce medication errors
  • Time saving
  • Automate tedious tasks
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