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Nortec has introduced billing services at 2.9% of your collected revenues. This in exchange brings further profit of 3% to 9% into your business, so it expands your viability and sustainability. In addition to this low rate, you will get the all-inclusive EHR application for free.

Nortec EHR v7.0 is an all-in-one solution, a complete EHR, including Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record. Nortec encourages the practices to use its embedded billing module so that the practice keeps even the 2.9%, increasing the financial health of the practice. This capability provides you full freedom to enjoy the benefits of the system in a cost effective manner.

Nevertheless, for some practices the in-office billing can be stressful for human resource department. For such practices, Nortec offers Revenue Cycle Management Services to streamline internal challenging plans. Our back office Billing Experts work directly on the Nortec EHR application in the most efficient, secure and cost effective manner. Various customized and graphical reports shown on the dashboard equip the practice with complete insight on the financial growth of your practice at any given time.

Billing Experts at Nortec are experienced with State Specific Billing rules, coupled with the state of the art secure automation, which enables us to offer this premier service at very competitive rates. Nortec EHR is ICD-10 ready and transition is going to take place in a seamless manner. Our professional team members can prepare your organization for the upcoming transition and this will save your 100% cost of ICD-10 training.

NortecEHR on your PC and Tablet

RCM provides you:


  • All the checks come to the practice
  • Customizable reports with dashboard
  • You only pay 2.9% on what you collect
  • Free EHR, with no upfront cost

Fast Revenue Cycle

  • Real Time insurance eligibility verification
  • Automated claim scrubbing
  • First time claim acceptance rate of over 98%
  • Real time claim resolution
  • Completely automated system
  • Integrated with largest clearinghouse
  • Integrated CPT, ICD-9 Codes and ICD-10 Codes
  • Electronic posting of the received EOB

Confidence with Billing Experts

  • Payer & State rules
  • Healthcare Business analytics
  • Reimbursement evaluation and financial forecast
Monthly Fee Free PM+EMR


Installation/setup NO START-UP COSTS
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Practice Management(PM) Free PM!
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Automated Payment Posting some_text
Audit Trail some_text
Reporting & Analytics some_text
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Electronic Medical Record(EMR) Free EMR!
Electronic Medical Record(EMR) some_text
Meaningful Use Dashboards some_text
Patient Portal some_text
e-Prescribing & Formulary Checkng some_text
Electronic Charting some_text
Speciality Templates some_text
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Lab Interface some_text
Secure Referral Management some_text
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