Nortec Hospital Scheduling

Nortec Hospital Scheduling

See more patients. Provide a better patient experience. Quickly, easily, accurately Nortec Hospital Scheduling provides hospital-wide, conflict-free patient scheduling for easier, more efficient patient, resource, and staff management. It can be used as a standalone application or as integrated component with any combination of Nortec Inpatient Clinical Applications. In either case it benefits hospital operations with better use of resources for increased capacity and patient throughput.

Nortec Hospital Scheduling allows for recurring appointment scheduling (e.g. PT/OT, Oncology, Dialysis, etc.). In a single sitting, the user can also create “procedural strings” for patients needing any combination of linked services (i.e. Radiology, Surgery, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, etc.). And when changes happen, user can make adjustments immediately with “drag-and-drop” re-scheduling or with few clicks.
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    Electronic Health Record and Its Role in
    Alleviating Poverty


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  • Electronic Health Record and Its Role in Alleviating Poverty
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