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Nortec EHR has fashioned a successful, inclusive range of products and services within heart of healthcare industry. With a sole built-in EHR, Practice Management, and RCM Services platform, there's no need for exploration towards numerous vendors to fulfil your practice requirements. We are dedicated to deliver excellent patient-care while supporting absolute business results.

Here are Just A Few Distinguishers That Set Nortec EHR Apart From Other Vendors:

  • Stable innovations for growing healthcare needs
  • Verified workflow and Revenue Cycle Management expertise
  • Proficiency from devoted specialty leaders
  • Vigorous clinical satisfaction for over 25 specialties
  • Guaranteed healthcare transformation leadership
  • Time-honoured industrious status of verified results

Features & Benefits

Enable Particular Specialty Citations with Influential Clinical Content

Developed by skilled medical specialists with integrated workflow and clinical content for over 25 specialties, our EHR facilitates procedures, histories, documenting specialty-specific HPIs, assessments and more.

Endow with Practical, Chronic Disease Management

Disease management operational-structure for diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases; empowers providers to enter requisite data to meet apt clinical parameters.

Enhance Lab & Device Connectivity with Renowned Care

All-embracing contribution of lab interfaces and electronic data exchange with diagnostic devices gives physicians with concurrent permission to up-to-date records for superior class of care.

Enhance Constructive Preclusion and Wellness

Providers can judge patients due for annual immunizations, exams, screenings, produce orders, tests and modify schedules; making sure patients’ compliance and pre-emptive care.

Real-Time Reporting, Manage Population & Business Results

Patient data is collected and stored as discrete information at the point of care, allowing your practice effortlessly to produce reports right from the EHR for outcomes’ study, medication recalls, pay-for-performance, management, patient population and business analysis.

Reduce Coding Errors & Amplify Revenue

E&M coding calculator helps maximizing repayments based on audit-proof records and avoids lost charges.

Minimize Medication Errors with e-Prescribing & Medications Tools

To avert interactions errors, prescriptions are routinely monitored against a patient's medications and allergies prior to electronically transmitting to the pharmacy.

Improve Image Management

Printed documents and clinical images can be captured from external sources and imported directly into a patient's electronic record for absolute, precise, and up-to-date information.

Patient Contentment with Quality Care

By offering Nortec EHR, we deliver the healthcare information your patients needs, assisting you enhance care quality and patient satisfaction.

Referral Management

By our robust design, inbound forms can be scanned into the patient record and these forms are automatically populated with patient, treatment authorization data, and provider information.

Higher Security

Data is logged with the user's identification and permission-based user log-ins prevents unauthorized access to any record. No doubt, this powerful security unquestionably maintains data integrity.

Implementation & Training


Planning and detailed research is elementary to our implementation approach. Implementation plans are equipped to fit a practice's schedule and resources to ensure minimal downtime. We strive to maximize Nortec EHR's system potential within your workflow to enhance effectiveness and ROI e.g. pre-loading common procedure, diagnoses codes, pre-populating system, payers' claims rules for fee schedules, medications and practice data.


User adoption and client satisfaction is always successful go-live plan, so our various training options support different schedules and needs of any practice. Physicians and staff can attend courses online, also obtain support whenever desire.

Assigned Specialist

Nortec EHR assigns your practice a specialist to provide support during switching EHR, implementation, and all linked issues. Your appointed specialist helps you in managing additional training requests, licenses, explaining features and handles general questions. Our support and customer care program is free of charge to attain elevated satisfaction.

Customer Support

Nortec EHR customer support team is specialized in all areas of application suite. A customer support expert of specific domain/area will respond to your request swiftly ensuring immediate solution. We follow best practices for any problem of client, because customer support team works closely with development team to identify source of any issue. We know the significance of customer satisfaction!

Information Exchange

Nortec EHR accepts product compatibility and facilitates the flawless patient data exchange between your practice and other healthcare entities. From any external data systems like pharmacies, payers, labs and diagnostic imaging centres to other medical records systems and medical devices, Nortec EHR puts you closer to accessing all of the data you need. We use workforce devoted exclusively to standards and parameters to ensure our products are at the front position in today demanding market.

Standards used in the Nortec EHR:

  • ANSI ASC X12
  • Continuity of Care Record (CCR)
  • Continuity of Care Document (CCD)
  • Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)
  • Health Level 7 (HL7)
  • Https
  • ICD - 09
  • ICD – 10
  • NCPDP Script
  • XML

Nortec EHR v10.0 is
A Complete EHR
ONC-ACB Certified

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