Medical Billing

The primary goal of all healthcare providers is to deliver first-rate patient care. Keeping the financial health of the practice and guaranteeing compliance with varying regulations and payer guidelines are also equally important.

Nortec EHR resolves the medical billing discomforts which most practices face, because we offer a wealth of technology-tools that enhance your capability to access medical billing and financial reporting to streamline your entire operation.

Nortec EHR is a fully integrated solution with all-inclusive billing and revenue collection abilities. With EDI capabilities built into the Nortec EHR, practices can submit claims electronically to healthcare payers, print patient's invoices and statements, electronically reconcile payments received and verify patient insurance eligibility. An extensive selection of Financial Management Reports (FMRs) provides the business managers with analytical data to help them make critical practice decisions. Combining these powerful features result in increased cash flow, lower administrative cost, reduced dependency on outside billing, enhancing business expertise and increased profitability.

The entire process of billing and collectable is reflected on a dashboard which can provide you state of financial health of your practice at a glance without generating lengthy reports.


  • Auto-Generate billing and financial data
  • E/M driven clinical coding assistance
  • Super bills and batches
  • Fee schedule
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Electronic insurance verification
  • Electronic reconciliation
  • Patient statements
  • Account receivables
  • Integration with billing and insurance companies


  • Increase profits
  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduce administrative cost
  • Reduce dependency on outside expertise
  • financial oversight and planning
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction

Nortec EHR v10.0 is
A Complete EHR
ONC-ACB Certified

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