Nortec Dental

The DBM/Nortec Dental offers a single solution for Community Health Centers (CHC) for the management of all clinical and financial aspects of physicians, Dentists and Behavior Health Providers in the community based health centers setting to achieve meaningful use and be eligible for incentive money.

The Nortec EHR is the only software created to completely record all aspects of the clinical side of dental practice.

  • Intuitive and easy to learn
  • Centralized Appointment Scheduling
  • Comprehensive Electronic Medical / Dental Record
  • Comprehensive Disease Management and Health Maintenance
  • Enables efficient charting in the operatory

  • Automatic restorative coding - no mistakes
  • Increase patient safety by use of e-prescription, patient allergies, drug interaction and other features
  • Easy Encounter Billing with automatic claim splits for carve out services
  • Complies with the privacy requirements of HIPAA
  • Insures secure electronic management of all patient data, correspondence and images
  • Completely scalable from the smallest office to the largest group practice
  • XIV Infopoverty World Conference

    Electronic Health Record and Its Role in
    Alleviating Poverty


    Abid Sheikh
    CIO, Nortec

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  • Electronic Health Record and Its Role in Alleviating Poverty
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