Solutions for Correctional Health


Transform Correctional Health with Enhanced Interoperability


Nortec EHR delivers a correction-specific EHR solution connected across all of the health needs of your specialists. Since you're delivering medical, dental, and Behavioral Health services across your facilities, you necessitate an answer that fits your distinctive requirements, certainly. Here are foremost benefits by selecting Nortec EHR:

  • Single patient record is able to diagnose data.
  • Interoperable with other systems.
  • Incorporated dental, medical and behavioral health solutions.

Why Nortec EHR?

  • Nortec EHR delivers an integrated behavioral, ambulatory, dental and health solutions.
  • Nortec EHR delivers persistent support from devoted correction experts.

Nortec EHR v10.0 is
A Complete EHR
ONC-ACB Certified

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