Solutions for Audiology

Nortec Audiology offers an outstanding configuration to revitalize your practice’s procedures, patient care and profitability by using specialty-specific content. Audiology-specific templates lead you with every stage of care, from hearing aid fittings to referrals.

Proven Capability for Focused Practice

All-embracing range of Audiology procedure templates to store comprehensive information for:

  • Otoacoustic Emissions Tests.
  • Repositioning Maneuver.
  • Electronystagmography.
  • Acoustic Immittance Tests
  • Nylen–Barany Diagnostic Maneuver.
  • Auditory Brainstem Response.
  • Audiogram Graph.
  • Earplugs and Earmolds.
  • Hearing aid remote control.
  • Hearing aid setting and fitting.
  • Hearing aid repairs/re-programming.

Why Nortec EHR?

  • Accessibility to the audiology testing screens which indicate; family history, reason for visit, ear examination, procedures and tests.
  • Be empowered with perfect implementation strategies and wide-ranging support options.
  • ENT reference to examine patient's visit-history.
  • Send and generate referral documents, electronically.

Nortec EHR v10.0 is
A Complete EHR
ONC-ACB Certified

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