Nortec Laboratory Information System

Nortec offers a premier Laboratory Management System that helps clients reach top productivity in the laboratory environment. It provides healthcare facilities with full multisite consolidation, flexible patient and management reporting, specimen tracking, and more. As a mission-critical application, Nortec LIS is built on the latest modern multi-tier client/server architecture, which promotes enterprise wide connectivity and allows the incorporation of new technologies. Information displayed onscreen is updated automatically and in real-time, making new critical patient data available instantly. Parallel processing is also utilized, minimizing system slowdown, even during peak volumes.

Nortec Lab Management System uses the latest technologies to deliver a comprehensive laboratory information system, with built-in quality control, tissue pathology and toxicology modules, developed for hospitals, reference labs, multi-site laboratories and physician groups. The Lab Information System combines a strong feature set along with elegant and scalable architecture to deliver a solution that improves patient outcomes and laboratory efficiency. Real-time work-center monitors alert the staff to pending work while also keeping them abreast of critical turnaround thresholds. With,

A patient’s plan of care often hinges on laboratory results. Integrated as one of the solution of Nortec Inpatient, Nortec LIS receives lab orders and transmit results in an efficient manner which enables the practitioner to focus on these results and patient care by automating many routine tasks, such as lab order processing and tracking. Test results are automatically saved to the patient record. When appropriate, practitioners receive alerts and status updates, eliminating the need for repetitive phone calls from nursing staff to the laboratory
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  • Electronic Health Record and Its Role in Alleviating Poverty
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