Nortec Emergency Department Manager

Nortec’s Emergency Department Manager (EDM) fully supports Emergency Department staff for treating patients speedily and professionally. Keeping in mind all critical situations of ED, our integrated module of EHR backs the specialized interoperability for accelerating care and provides the comprehensive information, clinicians require to make accurate, secure and informed decisions. Nortec EDM allows staff to streamline all necessary steps like documenting treatments or tracking patient flow, this provides clinicians with instant access to real-time patient information obtained from across the organization. This also eliminates the need to drill down through multiple levels of complex paper-checks when dealing critical patients in emergency department.

We are fully aware that Emergency Departments’ operations proceed rapidly, so meeting their expeditious needs without any interruptions or slowing down workflows, they need a tailored software which can perform in accordance with ED parameters. Our solution meets those needs unquestionably and it is accessible from anywhere for clinicians’ ease. EDM regulates workflow by combining the most frequently used tasks onto a single screen. ED staff can respond swiftly to their patients' needs and reduce delays; whether discharging or receiving patients, entering orders, documenting care or simply viewing patient charts.

  • Capture charges correctly and professionally
  • All-inclusive provider documentation
  • Prescription writer
  • Discharge Medication Summaries, Patient Education & Discharge Instructions
  • Reporting tools and personalized content
  • Interoperability by HL7 Interface agent as industry standard
  • Status & Tracking board
  • Triage process
  • Wide-ranging nursing documentation
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    Electronic Health Record and Its Role in
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  • Electronic Health Record and Its Role in Alleviating Poverty
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