Nortec Custom Services

Our applications are specially tailored to meet diverse workflow requirements of any practice. Practices which demand configurable features and customized solutions; we offer you exceptional resources to grip proven success. Our technical services associate with your practice to design the EHR solution keeping in mind your custom needs, personalized features and demanded functions for adapted-operations for your practice.

Get Benefit from Our Custom-Made Services

  • Specific guidance to educate your IT staff for managing the system's backend and writing custom queries for having absolute governance.
  • Adapted reporting for particular corporate and monetary reporting requirements.
  • Timely federal and state-specific reporting requirements.
  • Tailored engineering to meet your specific goals in any application.
  • Modified interfaces for financial systems for additional functionality.
  • Data Migration from your old/existing EHR to Nortec’s Practice Management and EHR Solution.
  • XIV Infopoverty World Conference

    Electronic Health Record and Its Role in
    Alleviating Poverty


    Abid Sheikh
    CIO, Nortec

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  • Electronic Health Record and Its Role in Alleviating Poverty
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