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Need of Health Information Exchange

As your safety goals and quality of care increases, you require to:

  • Easily retrieve and access clinical data.
  • Improve reports to manage the population of your patients.
  • Remove redundancies and enhance precision of data.

Why Nortec HIE?

Our one of the best recognized Health Information Exchange solution is now live in many communities, and operational by numerous providers to improve the care for about millions of patients. With Nortec HIE technology and better productivity, here are few advantages:

  • Better understanding of implementing complex systems
  • Seamless connectivity with diverse data sources
  • Robust functionality of import/export of data and filters
  • Powerful EHR to auto-import data into the chart of a patient
Nortec HIE empowers the success of the user with complete information control. Proudly, our customers are:

  • Supporting progress and continue initiatives
  • Improving in accountability by complete audit trails and built-in checking tools for health
  • Customizing in care by changing the rules on the fly and with the patient opt-in
  • Increasing safety by coordination between ambulatory/acute providers
  • Having accuracy by making ACO reports or matching patient data

Your Absolute Satisfaction

While your HIE technology can be powerful, but your proven-success depends on selecting the truly professional system to support your actual needs. Nortec HIE has a recognized track record of accomplishments with powerful data-backbone and well-connected structure, demanded by new healthcare models. In addition, our experienced team is always ready to guide and support you all the way through your HIE journey.
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